Space Force (8a+/230m)

24 November, 2020

Impressive new multi-pitch climb in Val Bavona, Ticino, Switzerland.

Big Canopy Campout

06 November, 2020

Paul Pritchard didn’t let hemiplegia stop him from joining the Big Canopy Campout in Tasmania.

Going Pink for October

01 October, 2020

October is the traditional time of year when we support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a special edition pink product.

Megos' milestone ascent: Bibliographie 9c (5.15d)

06 September, 2020

On the 5th of August, Alex Megos climbed his long-term Ceuse project, Bibliographie, with ‘one last go’.

Business as Unusual

29 March, 2020

We are all in uncharted territory and facing difficult adjustments at work and home.

Crossing the Years

29 March, 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis, climbers are having to get their fix vicariously. This early piece of Nick Bullock’s writing should help.

Do Climbers Dream of Electric Vans?

05 February, 2020

Glyn Hudson has been on a mission to reduce his carbon footprint, and that includes getting to and from the crag.

Taghia Gorge

17 December, 2019

Thomas Dauser is a physicist and likes numbers. Over 11 days in Taghia he climbed 84 pitches totalling 2850 metres. 

Kyra's Olympic Goal

27 November, 2019

Aged 11, Kyra Condie, required surgery to fuse ten vertebrate. This year, in the Combined World Cup she earned an invite to the Toulouse Olympic qualifying event.

Into the Black

22 November, 2019

Nick Bullock and Tim Neill share their impressions of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, known for its serious trad climbing and sombre atmosphere.

How Many Roads…

21 November, 2019

Ben Bransby adds a difficult new route, How Many Roads… (E7/8), to the popular Peak District crag, Millstone Edge.

Mountain of God

29 September, 2019

A team from the University of London faced the challenge of collecting lava and gas samples from an active volcano in Tanzania.

First British Female 9a

16 September, 2019

Emma Twyford has become the first British female to attain the magic 9a grade with the third ascent of The Big Bang at Pen Trwyn in north Wales.

DMM at Outdoor Retailer Summer 2019

16 June, 2019

DMM launches its plans for expansion into the North American market alongside the latest products.

RIP Jess Roskelley: world-class alpinist 1982–2019

24 April, 2019

In light of the tragedy on Howse Peak, Ben Bransby shares his recollections of Jess Roskelley.

Controlled Burning on Lundy Island

01 April, 2019

James McHaffie adds two new E7’s and completes his Lundy 'Extreme Rock routes'.