Pablo Scorza: Holistic Climbing

13 March, 2023

Pablo works as a climbing physical therapist. His mantra is: “Take care of your body, it’s your most valuable climbing gear.”

Eric Hörst: High Performance Climbing

17 February, 2023

Eric Hörst is an inspirational USA based climbing coach who practices what he preaches. Ray Wood spoke to Eric to find out what keeps him so motivated and to discover a few key take-aways we can apply to our own climbing.

Quickdraw Competition

16 January, 2023

Win big prizes when you buy sport climbing quickdraws.

Climbing World Cup in Edinburgh

05 September, 2022

From Friday 9 to Sunday12 September, Edinburgh International Climbing Arena will be hosting the seventh 2022 IFSC World Cup for Speed and Lead climbing.

Seventh Direction

24 August, 2022

On 6th August 2022 year Alex Luger realised his long-held dream of climbing Seventh Direction free in a single day.

Donation Drive

03 March, 2022

This weekend we're after your help for the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


04 February, 2022

The first ever carabiner with a built-in pulley wheel appeared in 2004. It is still widely used today.


16 December, 2021

The idea of a fully curved axe in the 90s was a radical and pioneering design.


22 November, 2021

Its introduction in 1993 was a 'revolutionary concept in design and performance'.

Women’s Trad Festival

06 August, 2021

WTF director, Gilly McArthur, chats about inclusivity, community, and her aspirations.

Back to Rock

04 August, 2021

Reflections on getting back to rock as lockdown restrictions eased.

From Cakes to Medals

30 July, 2021

Find out how competition climbing started in the UK before becoming an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Games.

Going Sideways

02 July, 2021

Nick Bullock and Mick Lovatt repeat the 1240 ft epic traverse, War and Peace, 24 years after its first ascent.

McHaffie Completes Extreme Rock

27 May, 2021

James McHaffie’s name goes down in British climbing history as the first person to climb all 180 routes in Extreme Rock.

Ready for Rock

08 April, 2021

Alan Halewood shares his thoughts on getting back to rock climbing as pandemic restrictions ease and spring arrives.