Dragonfly Offset Cams


Sometimes wonky is better.

We have evolved the celebrated Dragonfly Cam range to include the Dragonfly Offsets, which alongside the Dragon Cams create the ultimate cam family.

Designed for irregular, flared cracks and pin scars, the Dragonfly Micro Cam Offsets feature colour coded slings and thumb loops that allow you to make the correct placement when it matters most.

The same camming angle of 13.75°, used with our Dragons and Dragonfly Micro Cams, provides the optimum balance of holding power and range. You will appreciate the holding power of the TripleGrip lobes with their ‘raw alu’ surface, particularly on smooth rock types such as slate and limestone. The narrow head width and compact trigger allow the cams to be placed deep in small pockets.


    • Offset cam sizing for irregular cracks and pin scars
    • Trigger for quick distinction from normal sizes
    • Colour coded lobes
    • Sling colour corresponds to size of larger cams, thumb loop tubing colour corresponds to size of smaller cams

    Tech Specs

    Cam Size Product Code Colour Active Strength Passive Strength Weight Range Certification
    2/3 A75523 Red/Yellow 6kN No passive strength 56g EN12276:2013
    3/4 A75534 Gold/Blue 6kN No passive strength 67g EN12276:2013
    4/5 A75545 Blue/Grey 8kN No passive strength 68g EN12276:2013
    5/6 A75556 Silver/Purple 9kN No passive strength 71g EN12276:2013

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Will Mancini
    Perfect Cam for hard to protect climbs

    I honestly find the offset dragonfly's go in more often than the standard dragonflys. Both are feats of engineering and i am so glad to have them while onsighting. Very commonly small cracks have a taper or an "offset" and these are really confidence inspiring. Not going to blow onsight for readers but there is several routes i have done where an offset dragonfly is the crucial and only confident placement before a crux sequence.
    I have fallen on two of my Offsets and they held both times. The soft aluminium lobes do deform/scar very slightly, but look like they could take several more similar length falls without issue. Must have gear

    JP Edgington
    About time and worth the wait!

    As a massive fan of offset nuts and cams I’ve hoped that DMM would produce their own. Worth the wait as these are such a well
    thought out addition. Light yet robust and the raw ally faces are defo confidence inspiring… I use them a lot in rattly nut placements or for the 1st piece off the ground to prevent/reduce the ‘un zipping’ effect.

    John blundell
    Used far more than I imagined!

    Love this dragonfly offset and it ends up getting used more than I ever imagined. It always seems to find it's way into somewhere on the crag and obviously works as nice as any of the DMM cams. Compliments the other cams and gives a wee bit more confidence than the similarly small nuts that may fit in the same cracks. Will be getting some more 👌